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The common cause of oral injury occurs from sports activities. We do not recommend boil and bite guards because they are bulky and uncomfortable. We customise sports mouthguards to provide fit, comfort, and protection. It can be customised with different colours.

Every year, thousands of people, including children treated by sports mouthguards. If the custom-fitted mouthguard is worn by people while playing, it can reduce oral injuries.

Sports Mouthguard

Why should you choose sports mouthguard?

If you are a sports person, you should not avoid custom-fitted mouthguards. In case of injuries, it helps to absorb the force and does not spread the impact of a blow to the face. Otherwise, the injury to the mouth or jaw might be serious and need extensive dental care. Also, injury to your teeth or jaw is more painful and costly than mouthguards.

We make customise mouthguards for people of all age groups, whether you are a sportsperson. We examine dental issues thoroughly and offer long-lasting and comfortable sports mouthguards.

At Myra Smiles, we cannot compromise on the quality of dental treatments. For mouthguards, we offer several colours that you can match with your team’s colour scheme for pride. For more queries, get in touch with our expert dentists.