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IV Conscious Sedation

Many people fear of dental treatments as it seems very painful. To make your dental visit pleasant, we give sedations like Happy gas and IV (Intravenous) Conscious Sedation.

Who requires Sedation?

Sedation is given to those people who avoid visiting dental clinics and suffer from dental issues for a long time such as:

  1. Dental fear and phobia
  2. Anxiety about dental problems
  3. Complex dental requirements
  4. Bad or traumatic experience from the past
IV Conscious Sedation

Why does sedation become necessary?

Generally, people tend to fear from getting their dental treatments done and are more likely to avoid dental issues. As a result, they get more intense dental issues in the long run.

Our dentists, ensure that we perform surgeries in a manner where patients don’t get much pain. Over the years of experience, our IV seditionist makes the experience more comfortable.